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Guess Rolls of the Dice

While mobile Craps has brought an iconic casino game firmly into the digital age, players can look forward to the same basic format of the game as played in many land-based casinos.

Created by leading software developers who’ve had many years’ experience in the industry, these games use a certified Random Number Generator program to produce results or dice rolls. This program ensures you enjoy fair play and a real chance to win.

The interface resembles the Craps tables found in land-based casinos, which feature specific betting areas. Payouts are determined by the positions of chips on the table.

Your role in the game is bet on the outcome of one or a number of rolls of two six-sided dice; the score of each role determined by adding together the dice results. The numbers that make up the score are important, when it comes to certain bets.

An example of this is a seven made up of a five and a two, versus a seven made up of a three and a four.

The thrilling versions of mobile Craps available at top US mobile casinos include most, if not all, of the game’s traditional bets. Among these are Any Seven Bet, Lay Bet, Place Bet to Lose, Hardway Bet, Pass Line Bet, and Don’t Pass Bar Bet.

The most basic bet in this game, and one that is placed at the beginning of each round, is the Pass Line Bet. If the first roll of the dice brings a seven or 11 at even money, you will win! If the dice bring a two, three, or 12, you will lose that round.

Any other number will become the Point. This number would need to be rolled a second time before a seven is rolled, if the bet is to pay out at even money.

Once a Point has been determined, you can back up your Pass Line Bet with more cash; a move known as Taking the Odds.

Mobile Craps with Real Money

Playing real money casino mobile Craps with  will open up an exciting world of bonuses and special offers for you. These thrilling rewards could see you enjoying more games and more chances to get your hands on a massive prize.

The bonuses usually begin with a deposit match welcome bonus when you make your first deposit. This is followed up by other exciting bonuses for existing players, as well as rewards from player loyalty clubs.

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